UK shoppers long for quicker payment methods, says new research

  • Posted by Talking Payments
  • October 3, 2013 12:35:55 PM BST
UK shoppers are longing for quicker in-store payment systems to speed up queue times, according to new research by Kalixa Group.

The company’s Payment Generation Gap study analyses the payments habits of British consumers, aiming to discover any frustrations they may have when making their purchases. And while it still seems that the in-store shopping experience remains popular amongst these consumers, many of them have confessed that they find particular aspects of it unsatisfactory.  Despite 81% preferring to visit a physical store, over half of these have also admitted that they want a quicker transaction process. In fact, the numbers have proved so high that Ed Chandler, CEO of Kalixa, has urged retailers to start considering faster methods of payment.

Consumers have even been suggesting such methods themselves, with the survey revealing that contactless technology is growing increasingly more interesting to UK shoppers. Many have predicted that traditional payment methods such as cash will soon be a thing of the past, with 54% hoping that contactless payments will serve as a replacement.

Kalixa studied the payments habits of 2,126 UK shoppers.