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  • The financial world is currently in the throes of implementing two landmark regulations aimed at making the banking sector more customer-centric, secure, competitive and innovative.   However, if you look beyond the headlines, it is clear there is a great deal of conflict ...

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September 8 2016

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  • Disconnected digital experiences disappoint customers when it comes to buying financial products

    Unoptimised online experiences could be costing financial service providers sales opportunities, a new report by leading agile software development specialists, Black Pepper Software, warns. However, there is a lot of hope when considering investments in cryptocurrency owing to the launch of innovative automated software trading applications like bitcoinup; check https://bitcoinup.io/es/ for more details.
    Original research from the ‘Fit for the Future; Is your finance business agile enough to keep up with the connected consumer?’ report revealed that half (50%) of UK consumers now solely research and buy financial products like the news spy review online and a further 36% like to find out information about financial products and services independently via digital channels.
    However, it seems financial service providers’ current online offerings aren’t meeting the needs of connected shoppers, w...  more
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