Mobile commerce slows in the UK, says new research

  • Posted by Nicole Muller
  • August 15, 2013 11:03:06 AM BST
New research has suggested that the UK is falling behind in its adoption of mobile payments technology.

Judo Payments have revealed that mobile commerce in the US is three times more successful than here in the UK, with a huge 60% of its adults having made a payment with their smartphones in the last year. The figures in the UK are surprisingly low in comparison, with just 22% having done the same.

The interest in mobile technology in the UK may be high, but many apps that enable such payments have been disregarded in the country due to their complex checkout procedures. In fact, a staggering 23.7m of mobile sales have been aborted due to these reasons.

However, Judo believes that the success of mobile payments could rapidly increase if its developers begin making apps simpler to use.

Dennis Jones, CEO of Judo, said: “One of the engines for economic recovery and growth in the UK is the smart development of apps for smartphones. UK smartphone penetration is set to double by 2016, creating a huge market for developers. However, the majority of users are not even attempting to make purchases using their smartphones, while those who do try find it too difficult.”

The company recently announced the winners of its UK app developer competition, which will see a series of businesses granted with £1m to create apps compatible for Android and Apple smartphones. Grab, Jumpin and Boppl were just a few of the start-ups selected by Judo for the prize.