Danish festival Smukfest introduces NFC payment wristbands

  • Posted by Nicole Muller
  • August 2, 2013 11:02:01 AM BST
A festival in Denmark will trial an NFC payment wristband system for the first time this year.

It is expected that around 50,000 people will attend the Smukfest music festival in Skanderborg next week, all who will be able to try the new contactless service during their stay.  Consumers will need to load credit onto their wristbands to pay for goods without cash or card, which can be completed by visiting the event’s cashless stations or via an accompanying smartphone app. The 300 traders at the festival will also be accepting contactless payments sing Panasonic's NFC-enabled Toughpad tablets.

A Smukfest spokesperson said: "The system has already delivered good results at the Roskilde Festival and Skive Festival, where they only experienced a few minor problems that were quickly resolved.

"As the last major Danish festival, we are pleased that the teething problems of the system have been identified and corrected, and we have a clear expectation that guests will experience easy and fast payment."

Smukfest will not be accepting payments through any NFC smartphones in 2013, but have assured that it has not been ruled out for future events.