Tablet cash machine – coming to a wall near you?

  • Posted by Nicole Muller
  • July 17, 2013 11:40:38 AM BST
Software and security company Diebold has announced the creation of a tablet-based cash machine.

With payments turning digital and mobile banking on the rise, it comes as no surprise that some feel the cash machine is due an update. With a resemblance to the Apple iPad, the new Diebold technology is said to be equipped with a touch screen, have portable capabilities and is two thirds the size of a traditional ATM.

To access the software, the user will simply have to plug the device in to connect to broadband, meaning it can be moved from place to place with little effort. And with regards to security, a camera installed into the machine will let the user keep an eye on what’s going on behind them while checking their account, allowing them to withdraw their money safely. Facial recognition technology can also be used to match the owner to their bank account.

According to Diebold, the software is still in demonstration mode at present, but could be pitched to retailers and banks in the near future.