Eurobank launches NFC mobile payments in Poland

  • Posted by Talking Payments
  • October 18, 2013 12:49:04 PM BST
Poland’s Eurobank has announced plans to launch a new NFC mobile payments service to its customers.

The bank has teamed up with T-Mobile to initiate the service, which will run through the mobile networks My Wallet app.  Customers wishing to use the service will not only have to be T-Mobile subscribers, but must also own a MasterCard debit card issued by the bank,  enabling them to start making payments via NFC. The service allows payments of up to 50 Polish Zloty to be processed through My Wallet without the need of a PIN.

Wojciech Humiński, VP of Eurobank, said: "The mobile channel is becoming increasingly important for Eurobank. We are aware that with the increasing popularity of mobile devices, more and more customers will treat it as their primary channel.

"With the range of mobile contactless payments also expanded, I hope the functionality of our mobile application will help and brighten our customers' use of Eurobank every day."

Eurobank is encouraging people to sign up for the service by offering 10% cashback on contactless transactions for six months.