NFC shopping service to be trialled in French pharmacies

  • Posted by Talking Payments
  • October 2, 2013 12:37:41 PM BST
A new NFC service is to be introduced to a string of pharmacies in France, it has been announced.

Giphar, a French association of independent pharmacies, plans to roll out the service on a trial basis to its outlets later this month, hoping that the technology will bring about a better in-store experience for its customers. Through developing its own NFC Pharma mobile app, the chain will now offer consumers the ability to receive tailored information about individual pharmacy products with an NFC-enabled smartphone.

Customers wishing to use the app will need to seek the assistance of a member of staff when entering the pharmacy, who will then assist them in setting up a personal profile on the app, detailing important health and dietary requirements. This will enable the shopper to scan a product's NFC shelf edge label and be notified as to whether it is suitable for them.

Giphar hopes that its new system will speed up the in-store experience for customers, allowing them to gain informed information about specialist products even when a pharmacist might be too busy to advise them at that time. Now, shoppers will be able to proceed straight to the till once browsing for items, and can make a payment without the need of a lengthy consultation.