Uniqul to launch first ever face payments software

  • Posted by Nicole Muller
  • July 16, 2013 12:13:52 PM BST
Payments specialist Uniqul has announced plans to create a new biometrics system that will allow shoppers to pay for products with just their face.

The company hopes that its software will revolutionise the payments industry, and claims that the new technology will be the first of its kind. The Uniqul face recognition payments system will speed up the process of paying, decreasing the average transaction time from 30 seconds to just five.

If they wish to access the service, customers will need to link a credit card to their Uniqul account. This will then allow the user to be recognised when approaching a camera at a shop checkout, simply needing to press an OK button on a tablet to confirm the payment.

Despite still being in development, the Uniqul technology currently has a 96% recognition rate in its trials. The remaining 4% would still need to enter a PIN to complete the transaction.

As it stands, Uniqul have not approached any retailers with the technology.